• 5 Chilling Phantom Army and Ghost Battle Sightings
    Spirits, Ghosts & Hauntings

    5 Chilling Phantom Army and Ghost Battle Sightings

    Ghost armies in the sky, spectral battles reenacted across the centuries, lost soldiers unable to move on. Tales of phantom armies exist across the globe, continuing to haunt the living even into present times. 5 [...]
  • Demons & the Devil

    The Roman Ritual of Exorcism

    The history of Christian exorcism The Roman Ritual of Exorcism has a long tradition. Its origins are Biblical, appearing first as explicit commands from Jesus meant to “cast out” the devils and “unclean” spirits which possessed [...]
  • The Legend of the Flying Ducthman
    Paranormal History

    The Legend of the Flying Ducthman

    There is an old maritime legend that tells of a ghost ship, that is said to be cursed to sail the seas forever, never to make port again. An omen of doom, it foreshadows disaster [...]
  • Mothman newspaper illustration
    Unknown Entities

    Is the Mothman an Omen of Coming Disaster?

    America has a long history of sightings of winged humanoid creatures. In 1877, newspapers reported that one such monster was frequenting Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York, performing aerial acrobatics for an astonished audience. These [...]

Demons & the Devil

Spirits, Ghosts & Hauntings

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