Just a Note: Be Careful Out in the Woods  


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31/05/2018 5:31 am  

Be careful in the woods, or the mountains, or anywhere that's relatively removed from the general population. Rather than mountain lions or bears, there are increasing accounts of encounters with dangerous Sasquatch. People have gone missing from National Parks for decades.  

Don't think that Washington or California are the only spots where these scary events happen. Some of the strangest and most frightening accounts are in Ohio, Florida, and especially the south. From missing children in Smoky Mountains National Park to roadside face-to-face screams in Mississippi, just keep an eye out when there's a sizeable empty spread of land nearby (here are some good ones, including the story of the face-to-face encounter in MS: 15 Incredible Bigfoot Sightings of the 21st Century | Bigfoot Base)