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I came across the youtube channel recently and really appreciate it. I have a degree in psychology and an interest in science in general so I'm always interested in things that science does not yet explain, or using science to explain things that were previously thought to be unexplainable. I also have a religious background, and have experienced spiritual healing, which I have yet to explain scientifically (I believe that science and religion are complimentary to eachother rather than in opposition, like paintings and music).

I'm from the UK. I especially love local ghost stories, every town seems to have their own!

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We are honoured to extend a welcome to a fellow scholar!

The application of logic, and the scientific understanding which we do possess, is something which we value whenever we approach a paranormal topic. So, it will be intriguing to read the opinions of someone who has a formal background in psychology.

For the future, we have planned a development of our True Paranormal Stories series, where we will narrate some of the paranormal tales of various locations, the UK being one. Hopefully, when the time comes, this will be of interest to you!

Thanks for sharing.


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