The Stone Forest: Did a Visitor to Marcahuasi Experience a Time Slip?

Several formations in this mountain plateau are said to resemble human figures and faces. (Image credit: Arístides Herrera Cuntti / Wikimedia Commons)

Nestled in the Andes Mountains, near Lima, Peru, there lies a plateau inundated with mystery known as Marcahuasi.

The area is unique for the fact that the shape of its huge granite rocks are thought to resemble human faces, animals, and religious symbols. Many have supposed that these shapes were created by pre-Columbian civilizations, but in fact archaeologists have stated that the curious shapes of the rocks are naturally occuring. 1 Because of these strange formations, the plateau is sometimes referred to as the “stone forest”, with a rich body of testimonies and stories having developed around the area.

UFOs and other strange reports around Marcahuasi

There have been many UFO sightings reported around the stone forest. One such unidentified flying object was supposedly captured on camera on 28th July 2013, when a visitor to Marcahuasi was filming the scenery whilst on a tour. According to their testimony, they did not notice the strange object in the sky until later, when they checked their footage at home.

In addition to anomalies in the sky, some people even believe that a race of mysterious beings live in tunnels under the area.

Several visitors have reported altered states of inner consciousness, that have supposedly led to the development of clairvoyant abilities. Over the years, stories like these and others have attracted many people seeking to investigate and explore the location. 2

Dr. Centeno’s time slip patient

Author, editor and translator of paranormal works from Latin America and Spain, Scott Corrales, has detailed an account allegedly sent to him by Dr. Raul Rios Centeno, a medical physician who described to Corrales how he had treated a patient who had entered Marcahuasi and was left half paralysed. After personally having performed several medical examinations, Dr. Centeno found her condition to be incredibly unusual, for there were no discernible traumatic injuries or bleeding vessels to evidence the cause of her paralysis.


According to Corrales’ article, Dr. Centeno described how his patient, whom he keeps anonymous, stated that they had entered the ancient stone forest with some friends late at night, and were lured by strange music to a small torch-lit cabin. Through the window of the cabin, they allegedly saw people dancing inside. According to the patient, “I felt a sudden sensation of cold which I paid little attention to, and I stuck my head through an open door. It was then that I saw the occupants were clad in 17th century fashion.” 3

Supposedly, the occupants of the cabin were dressed in clothing from the 17th century. (Image source: Pixabay)

It was claimed that, as she started to go inside to join the party, one of her friends pulled her away rapidly. The half of her body that had crossed the threshold was the half that was claimed to be paralysed. 4

Dr. Centeno continued to describe how, after conducting many tests, he and his colleagues were forced to dismiss the case as an “unknown affliction”. The patient was prescribed regular physical therapy at Lima’s Arzobispo Loayza National Hospital, in the hope that it would help her paralysis, without further attempting to explain the cause. Personally, however, Dr. Centeno is said to believe that the ““partial entry” of this person into this “anomalous zone” was able “to produce a change in the energy flow existing in her nervous system.” 5

The details of the case, according to Corrales, seem to suggest that Dr. Centeno’s patient experienced a time slip – and that the distortion of time caused a physical injury. With a history of anomalous phenomena, could the stone forest of Marcahuasi contain a portal to the past?


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