Alleged Demonic Possession of Woman Filmed in Back of Ambulance

The lady shown in the video is referred to as Carmen. She is claimed to have been demonically possessed. (Image credit: SaitanCovers Becker / YouTube via Metro UK)

In many traditionally Catholic countries, there is claimed to be a growing number of cases of demonic possession.

Across Italy in 2018, it is claimed that the number of demonic possession cases tripled to around 500,000 a year. 1

A rise in the number of demonic possession cases can also be found in many other Catholic countries, including Ireland and Spain, where the number of official exorcists is increasing every year. According to the Vatican sponsored International Association of Exorcists, the increase in the number of possession cases is so severe that it is posing a “pastoral emergency”.2 There are simply not enough exorcists to meet the demand for exorcisms.

It was on the 5th June 2016 that Metro news reported on one such alleged case of demonic interference. The video which accompanied the story shows a woman in the back of an ambulance. It is believed to have been recorded in Spain.

The video of the supposedly demonically possessed woman

In the video, the woman, believed to be named Carmela, can be seen lurching wildly, baring her teeth and speaking in a seemingly inhuman tone of voice. The voice claims not to be Carmela, but some other entity who has taken control of her body. At the beginning of the video, this voice, rather hauntingly, says, “She is dying and is going to rot in hell. She no longer exists on this earth. My father, Satan, is coming for her.” 

Terrifyingly, what is claimed to be a demonic entity inside the lady proceeds to suggest that it wants the baby that she is pregnant with.

“He is mine,” the voice states in Spanish. “He is for me!”

A screenshot of the lady taken from the disturbing video. (Image credit: SaitanCovers Becker / YouTube via Metro UK)

When questioned whether it could be another baby, the sinister voice vehemently replies, “No!” Whoever, or whatever, was speaking was absolutely committed to having her baby.

After this, the video cuts off mid-speech. Unfortunately, the fate of Carmela was not reported on and as such remains obscure. 3

The video can be said to be an illustration of many of the symptoms associated with supposed demonic possession. Abnormal bodily movements, a deep, gruff voice, outward signs of aggression and hostility. There are not, however, enough facts to ascertain any definite conclusion to the case.

Undoubtedly, there are other explanations which might help to explain what is happening in this video. An underlying trauma connected to the lady’s pregnancy may, for example, have contributed to her shocking condition. Her “demonic possession” could, instead, be her subconscious mind using the prevailing Catholic culture in a way that could help her justify getting rid of her child.

Could the behaviour shown in the video be the result of antenatal anxiety? (Image source:

Such a deep, inner conflict might very well manifest as a form of psychosis, in which her anxieties regarding the child are warped by elements of Catholic belief – namely possession by an evil force. At the end of the video, just before it cuts off, the alleged demon within Carmela states that it must be her baby for “she is Christian”. That the lady’s faith is part of the justification for demonic forces to claim her child certainly seems to indicate that there is a conflict within her regarding her religion.

Yet, for all of this, one could make the point that such an inner struggle, if it exists, would provide the perfect environment for Satan’s forces. Emotional or mental fragility is, after all, often a factor in possession cases.

Whatever the truth of the matter, Carmela is not alone. There are perhaps millions of people who have experienced a struggle similar to the one captured in this video.


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