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12/03/2017 12:41 pm  

Thankyou for putting together this video. It was very informative and I found it especially useful having the information on what she was like as a person, allowing her to be a human being and not just an internet mystery.


Whilst being previously aware of the case, I was not aware of the footage taken a month after she was found of the hotel guest  showing how easy it is to get access to the roof and the water tanks, even showing that the tanks are often kept open. I feel that this footage does add credence to more simple explanations of her death.

If she knew about this, then it is possible that during a manic episode she had thought that swimming on the roof would be a good idea. In that situation she still would have been unable to close the tank lid. My theory on that would be that a hotel worker may have been in the habit of opening/closing the tanks without looking inside. And thus would never have come forward to the police out of fear of implicating themselves. 

And the other theory that the footage adds credence to is the murder theory. If it was that easy to get access to the roof and the water tanks then it is likely that anyone familiar with the hotel was also familiar with that fact and could use it as a method of disposing of a body.


I guess what I'm trying to say is that the footage of the hotel guest accessing the roof allows us to rule out most of the paranormal theories as some of the most unexplained parts of the case were how she got onto the roof if the roof access doors were locked, and how she got into the tank if the tank lids are always left shut.

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27/03/2017 12:51 pm  

I am so pleased that you enjoyed the documentary. 

You make some interesting points about a possible manic episode. As we said in the video, it will never be possible to completely rule out that explanation. It is, by definition, beyond the realm of what one would normally expect. No one will ever know what Elisa was thinking at that time. 

Indeed, a hotel employee could very well have open / closed lids without looking. The reputation of the hotel is far from spotless. It stands to reason that its employees might also follow the same standards.

What doesn't help this case is the lack of additional CCTV footage. From our understanding, the corridor which leads to the fire exit to the roof was not covered by a camera. But, then again, even if it was, it may have been withheld by the LAPD anyway - as they did with the supposed lobby footage of Elisa with two men. I feel that piece of footage holds the key to what happened that day. Unfortunately, I feel like we shall never know the answer.

But, you are right: the paranormal can almost certainly be ruled out in this case. I suppose that was our main aim with the documentary. To not only humanise Elisa's story, but to clear away some of the more ridiculous theories.

Thanks again!

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