Haunted Houses and Halloween  


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14/11/2017 2:15 pm  

Hi all,

I seem to recall a policy or a letter that stated something about not using Chapels and or Church grounds for Haunted Houses.
Can someone remind me where that is please?

Right now, I am being told that the the young men, for a fund raising activity, are planning on creating a spook house outside the Stake Center.
Why... to avoid, the use of a chapel, so they hold it on church property ...just outside the building.

I am pretty sure that this is against Church Policy.
When I asked the Bishop about this, he asked if we could find anything that referred specifically to Church Grounds.

The impression I have right now is the Young Men are trying to find a way to side step a policy.

The only thing I can think of is

Section 13.2.4
Standards …

Activities are not to include anything that is immoral or suggestive or that makes evil appear acceptable and normal. Leaders ensure that any entertainment is in keeping with the teachings of the Savior.

Looking for some help here.






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