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I wasn't sure whether to put this in "Satanism and the Occult" or "Haunted Locations", but as far as I know, Hovrinskaya isn't known for any particular or consistent hauntings.





Just thought I'd bring it up since I heard news that there are plans to demolish it in a year or two.

So basically in 1981 the construction of the hospital began, it was planned to be a major hospital for the entire nation, able to service 1300 patients from all over Russia, a ten storey  complex and four basement levels, with passages big enough for trucks to go through. But in 1985 construction suddenly ceased, leaving the hospital in a state of near-completion to decay. One of the hospital's defining features is its likeness to the international biohazard symbol when seen from above, a fact which only adds to its eerie atmosphere.

During the hardships of the late 80s and into collapse of the Soviet Union in the 90s, Hovrinskaya became home to beggars, drug addicts, insane vagrants, criminals, and murderers, turning the dilapidated halls into a dark separate world from Moscow. The dead bodies of humans and animals alike were found in the tens yearly, whether it be from accidents, suicides, murders, or even ritual killings.

Besides a few noteworthy disappearances, murders, and suicides, Hovrinskaya's most well know stories are those that link it to local satanic sects, namely "The Club of Nimostor" and the lesser known "The Black Cross", who have either appeared throughout Hovrinskaya's history or inhabited its halls during the turbulent 90s.

One of the supposed official stories as to why Hovrinskaya was abandoned, is that near its completion it was found out that the hospital's immense basement complex was improperly waterproofed and flooded rapidly. This mistake was deemed too expensive to remedy, and so the whole project was shut down.

However, some say that the basement levels didn't flood until later, and that construction was abandoned due to attacks and harassment from The Club of Nimostor, since the hospital was built on top of an old cemetery and near a lake that the satanic sect regularly congregated on.

Since the abandonment of Hovrinskaya, The Club of Nimostor set up shop in hospital, and were attributed to many of the murders and disappearances over the years.

The Club of Nimostor's reign over Hovrinskaya ended in the 90s, in what would be the hospital's most infamous story. After finally linking multiple murder cases to the satanic sect, officers of the OMON (Russian SWAT, who had quite a brutal reputation at the time) conducted an extensive and raid on the hospital to apprehend key members and accomplices.

Once again hearsay and myth attracts itself to Hovrinskaya's history, and this event was no exception, as there are multiple versions of events.

Officially it was a typical, yet somewhat violent raid, as OMON officers also had to contend with other illegal elements that resided in the hospital, but otherwise it was a regular police raid and many arrests were made. Other sources say that the raid was an outright siege of the hospital, with heavy fighting between the OMON and Nimostor cultists, some go as far to say that explosives were used. The most outlandish claim is that supposedly it was a fight to the death, that the OMON beat the cultists down to Hovrinskaya's flooded basements and subsequently sealed off all entrances and exits with explosives, trapping the cultists to a slow death in the darkness.

There are plenty more stories, but these are just the ones that cover the satanic/occult elements of Hovrinskaya's history. Above all else though, Hovrinskaya hospital and its legends stand as one of many symbols of post-soviet decay, and the turbulent era known as the "Dashing 90s", a time which was almost just as lawless and mysterious as the hospital's dilapidated halls.

What do you all think? Definitely something worth covering in a video if you ask me. It would also be nice if we could pool together some research to at least com close to confirming or debunking any of the hospital's tall tales. 

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The history of this abandoned hospital certainly sounds dark. You are right to highlight the oddity of its footprint, visible from above. 

Surely, with the amount of money which was spent on construction, there was an intention to finish the building. I do not 100 per cent believe the explanation that abandonment was caused by poor waterproofing. Knowledge of lack of resistance to flooding would have - one would assume - been taken into account in the planning stages of such a major build. It is the job of architects and engineers to account of every possibility. Land surveys would have also been undertaken. And even then, if that was the reason, why abandon the build? Why not make attempts to salvage the partially constructed hospital? Abandonment followed by demolition seems like such a waste.

It certainly seems like there is more to this story than the official explanation. When one encounters secret societies and the occult during research, it is often hard to completely digest what it is you have read. Yet, these sorts of organisations have been around for centuries. It stands to reason that they are still influencing the modern era in some way. On top of that, there is often truth - no matter how small - to be found in rumour. The impact of The Club of Nimostor could therefore be a reality. 

This is definitely a topic we will look into more!

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