Belmez Faces  


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04/11/2016 10:54 pm  

I came across an interesting article recently that tells about faces forming and disappearing on the floor of some house in Spain, which are called Belmez Faces. It's a pretty old story but I never heard about it, so I thought this would be a reasonable suggestion here.

What I couldn't find is what's happening to that house/faces right now. Are there anyone living in that house? Do faces still appear on the floor?

So if you are interested it would be cool to here this story from you 😉

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07/11/2016 9:10 am  

The Belmez faces is a case which we have encountered before. They are certainly mysterious. We know that quite a few investigators are skeptical of their validity, however. There have been tests done which assert the involvement of paint being used to falsify the images. Whether or not this is the full story, however, we do not know. It certainly seems like a case where there are many layers of story to uncover!

We will edfinitely keep the topic in mind. Thanks!

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08/04/2017 7:42 pm  

I do remember as a child watching a paranormal programme that featured a house that had black markings on the floor that kept growing and couldn't be scrubbed off and eventually formed faces. I think it was in the UK. - We care about what's in a person's heart, not their pants!