Fae Folk/Ultraterrestrial/Interdimensional Beings  


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06/08/2017 1:10 pm  

Another suggestion, if you haven't done it already that is. Sure I would have remembered it unless I missed one of your videos lol.

I think making a video on Fae Folk or as some call them Fairies would be very interesting.

I have noticed a lot of the folklore surrounding Fae Folk seem to suggest they are an ancient version of alien abductions, missing time etc. Since Fae Folk are shapeshifters, some people believe that's what the Greys might actually be - a new version of Fae Folk who have taken the form of what our culture expects to see or our cultural fears.

I have also read that since the Fae can change their form, it's possible that they might be Black Eyed Kids. I also read that they may be all forms of mythical creatures that you have ever heard of - Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Mothman, Wendigo, Aswang... even Slenderman. (Although Slenderman is supposedly a mythical creature made up on the internet, yet if Fae Folk are real, we can't deny that they take the form of our fears i.e. Slenderman.)

I know I have spoken about it on here before, but the topic of Missing 411 suggests that thousands of people who disappear in National Parks have disappeared under very strange circumstances. One such article I came across was suggesting just that. They explain about Ultraterrestrials. Here it is: 


What if there is a creature out there, call it what you will - Fae folk, Ultraterrestrial or Interdimensional being, kidnapping people?

Very eerie indeed, in my opinion.

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