Is this forum dead?  


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05/11/2017 2:40 am  

I'm very glad that you updated this but... it looks like its obsolete or dead. Maybe if you would promote the forum and discusion bout things you post... to your own website or forum would be nicer and would create more traffic. 

But still... these days people mostly use discord for their audience... that may be a thing 4 U2 to look into. 


Any ways just a suggestion.  And keep in mind that your site (some thing that you own and control) should be 1st thing that you promote and make as a reference point for all of the people that follow you... in case if some thing on yt goes wrong............................


Just suggestion. 




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03/12/2017 3:00 pm  

The forum has always been quiet, but I agree that pointing people towards it would help. Perhaps a Facebook group would be more active? It could be easily linked to the Facebook page. - We care about what's in a person's heart, not their pants!

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19/12/2017 4:34 pm  

Indeed, traffic on the forum side of things has been struggling in recent months. For our part, time management is a problem for the forum. However, the articles on the site are doing well and are gaining traffic. In the new year, we hope to continue expanding the site, including the forum. We like to think that it has potential, as a place for objective and respectful discussion, however, as I said, time management is an issue for us. We are simply juggling too much right now! If we can get the forum to spark back into life next year, we will be looking into promoting some members to moderators to help with its management. 

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