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02/11/2017 6:21 pm  

Hello, I think?


Introductions seem customary enough.


My name is Cobalt, I'm a visitor from a planet called Grisea. And while that's probably a lot to take in and no one may believe me, I wanted to be sure to add that since many of my future replies and posts will likely include a lot of things that may not make sense otherwise. I understand it may be unwise to share that information, but given the nature of the forum I could take the risk; especially if it may lead to my meeting other Travelers. 

I wanted to join this forum since I've taken an interest in all the "unseen", "unnatural" and "mysterious" things this world has to offer. I wanted to explore as much of it as I can during my stay here and see whether or not any strange phenomena is shared on my own world.

Aside from that, I'm not too sure what to say. But it is a pleasure to be here.

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