“In Search of the Dead”: Debut Documentary for Ethereal Productions to Explore Death and Survival


Ethereal Productions is scheduled to release its debut documentary, In Search of the Dead, in 2019.

For this, Erik and I have set ourselves the somewhat colossal task of finding out what happens to us after death. Throughout the making of this piece, it has been our intention to represent as many viewpoints as we have been able, whether that be by interviewing renowned academics and paranormal practitioners alike, to attempting paranormal investigations ourselves. A journey of discovery of sorts, In Search of the Dead will focus on my interactions with people on both sides of the fence – believers and sceptics – and fence-sitters, too!

Watch In Search of the Dead’s first teaser trailer:

Another factor close to the heart of this documentary is our relationship with death itself. In particular, how varied cultures and religions approach death and the proposition of an afterlife in different ways will be discussed. In order to showcase this Erik and I travelled to Romania, where I spoke with a practising witch in order to learn more about different approaches to death. Independent survey-based research, which examines potential connections between one’s religious-cultural background and belief in ghosts and spirits, will be featured in the documentary as well.

The documentary will also interview several mediums in order to understand the nature of mediumship and how this could prove the existence of life after death.

Above all, In Search of the Dead will be the story of personal discovery. The challenge of questioning one’s pre-exisiting beliefs is a struggle which should resonate with us all. Ultimately, this is not just a question of death and what happens to us after it, but a question as to the nature of life as well.

Find out more about this project, and keep up to date with its progress, by visiting EtherealProductions.co.uk and InSearchoftheDead.com.
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Laura Rowton is a filmmaker and paranormal researcher. In 2019, she released her debut feature documentary on life after death, "In Search of the Dead", which she co-produced with her husband, Erik. Follow her on Instagram for more.