“The Man-eating Tree of Madagascar” Newspaper Article

Title: Crinoida Dajeeana, The Man-eating Tree of Madagascar

Description: An article published in New York’s The World describes a case of bizarre botany. The newspaper related the discovery of a man-eating tree (Crinoida Dajeeana) made by a German botanist, Karl Leche, and his companion Hendrick, whilst exploring the island of Madagascar. Most of the article consisted of a letter written by Leche in Zanzibar, which was sent to a colleague, Dr. Omelius Friedlownky.

Publisher: The World (New York)

Date: 28 April 1874

Pages: 1 (page 7 of issue)

Keywords: man-eating tree ; man-eating plant ; cryptobotany ; Karl Leche ; man-eating tree of Madagascar ; Crinoida Dajeeana ; Omelius Friedlownky