Are Aliens Mutilating Sheep in Wales?


WARNING: This article contains images of dead animals that some readers may find distressing.

In the spring of 2023, farmers and rural property owners in West Wales began reporting something peculiar: the disappearance and mysterious deaths of their livestock. In particular, sheep were said to have been found in all manner of horrific conditions. According to an article published by the regional newspaper The Cambrian News, one farmer by the name of Johnathan Davies discovered two of his sheep ‘skinned’.

‘There was no actual body left. Just the skin. It was so tidy – it was like someone had been there with a knife and skinned them.’ – Mr. Davies

Concerned that no native animal was capable of such precise butchering, Davies contacted local police who told him, informally, that a big cat may have been responsible. With rumour ripping through local communities – both online and in person – others soon came forward reporting further dead animals. Descriptions ranging from clean and clinical, to savage and ‘eviscerated’ were shared. Given that the area, most especially the county of Ceredigion, has a long history of big cat sightings, best exemplified by the Beast of Bont, a large sheep-savaging feline said to have haunted the county throughout the 1980s and 90s, many blamed the incidents on an escaped panther.

A photograph of one of Mr. Davies’ sheep. (Source: The Cambrian News)

And yet, despite the occasional sighting of distant, seemingly abnormally large black cats, no such predator has been captured or killed in the area. Indeed, the official narrative is that big cats do not exist within the wilds of Great Britain. In this way, with the bodies of mutilated livestock still piling, others came forward with an alternative explanation – animal mutilations performed by extraterrestrials.

In order to investigate these claims, and the wider allegations of alien activity within West Wales, I was able to obtain an image of one such ‘mutilation’. Being much more in line with the clean and clinical than some of the more brutal descriptions, the deceased lamb was discovered in a field at the end of April. Abandoned in the middle of the pasture, other sheep, and indeed scavengers including ravens, kept their distance from it.

A seemingly ‘mutilated’ lamb discovered in a field in Ceredigion in April 2023. (Credit: Ethereal Productions)

In many ways, the carcass can be said to display signs typically associated with alien animal mutilations, including being drained of blood; there being no sign of a frenzy, either on the ground around it, or on its pristine white wool; its organs and genitalia being gone; and, its left ear seemingly removed. That other animals, including scavengers, kept away from the corpse also has similarities with other alleged alien animal mutilation cases.

Unfortunately, the body was not able to be recovered for further examination.


Speaking with Richard Freeman, cryptozoological author and zoological director at the Centre for Fortean Zoology, about the lamb, he was able to offer insight into its condition and what one might expect from a ‘cat attack’. In his words, the lamb represented a ‘typical big cat kill’. The cleanliness of the remains, as well as the missing soft tissues, were, in his opinion, thoroughly in line with how a big cat would kill.

And so, mystery solved.

And yet, not everyone is satisfied with the verdict, most especially when the frequency of these killings are considered in relation to the large number of UFO sightings in the area. Such a line of thinking can be said to become all the more intriguing when one examines how many of these sightings are of orb-like UFOs and UAPs. Intriguingly, researchers who have studied supposed alien animal mutilations believe that there is a correlation between such orbs and mysterious livestock deaths. Chief amongst these researchers is Phil Hoyle and the investigations that he conducted as part of the Animal Pathology Field Unit in 2001. During a stakeout of New Radnor in Shropshire, England, he and his team claimed to have observed several ‘bright burnt red’ light orbs moving back and forth in the valley area. The next day, ‘all but one farm [in the valley] had had unusual disappearance of animals or deaths with strange injuries’.

If you are interested in finding out more about possible alien animal mutilations in Wales, as well as my interview with someone who believes this may be so, watch my latest documentary special, Aliens in the Aeron Valley.

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