Aliens & UFOs

Are Aliens Mutilating Sheep in Wales?

July 16, 2023 Laura Rowton

WARNING: This article contains images of dead animals that some readers may find distressing. In the spring of 2023, farmers and rural property owners in West Wales began reporting something peculiar: the disappearance and mysterious […]

Aliens & UFOs

The Pentyrch UFO Incident | Documentary

May 24, 2021 Laura Rowton

In 2016, a peculiar pyramid-shaped UFO was witnessed over the Welsh village of Pentyrch. What is claimed to have followed was shocking: military intervention resulting in the alien spacecraft crashing into woodland on the outskirts […]

Moreton Corbet Castle
Paranormal Travel Guide

The Haunted History of Moreton Corbet Castle

January 19, 2020 Laura Rowton

Moreton Corbet Castle, located in Shropshire, England, is quite possibly the furthest thing from an unassuming ruin. Even in its dilapidated form, this colossus of architecture oozes brilliance and grandeur. It is thanks to Robert […]

Paranormal Travel Guide

The Ghosts of Lilleshall Abbey

January 11, 2020 Laura Rowton

In 2004, Lawson Clout, a photographer who specialised in taking pictures of castles and historic monuments in the English countryside, reported having experienced something strange. Clout had been exploring Lilleshall Abbey, an Augustinian abbey founded […]