8 Noteworthy Ghost Stories of America’s Most Haunted Universities

Some of America's historic universities have dark histories, and as such are rumored to be haunted by spirits of the dead. (Image source: Pixabay.com)

Wandering the grounds of cemeteries, hospitals, and old churches may be natural to those who crave to experience paranormal interactions. What is often overlooked is the accessibility to these occurrences on college campuses all across America. There are hundreds of ghost stories and paranormal records spanning across the thousands of educational institutions, but here are eight noteworthy stories that may make you think twice before moving into certain residence halls or taking classes in historically acclaimed buildings.

Ohio University

Wilson Hall of Ohio University sits dead in the middle of pentagram marked by five city cemeteries, and room 428 of this hall has been sealed off due to the death of a student known to be associated with extreme spiritual energy practices. The story goes that the student was participating in astral projection when she died violently. The energy of the room is still said to attract the spirit of the student and demonic phenomena.

University of Montevallo

Established as a technical school for women in 1896, the University of Montevallo is famous for the story of Condie Cunningham. In 1908 a young woman and her roommate were up late making hot chocolate. As the two ladies began to clean up, the alcohol used to keep the burner hot spilled on Cunningham’s clothing. She was engulfed in flames and died two days following due to her injuries. Since this time, students have reported haunting screams and sightings of a ghost engulfed in fire running through the corridors of the Main Hall.

Built in 1823, the King House is the oldest building on Alabama’s University of Montevallo’s campus. (Image credit: Rivers Langley / Wikimedia Commons)

Fordham University

Although young, the O’Hare building of Fordham University is home to its very own ghost. During construction of the residence hall prior to its opening in 2000, one of the construction workers had a heart attack working on the roof. He fell to his death, and it is stated that residents can still hear the sounds of heavy machinery and construction coming from the walls of their rooms.


Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

If the name of this school doesn’t cue you on its potential for paranormal activity, than the story of the faceless nun will. The story goes that during the early years of the college there was an art professor who painted portraits of people on campus for fun. One day the nun began the work on a self-portrait, but tragically died of illness before completing her work. For many years the nun was said to be sighted wandering the halls of the art department in search of her incomplete work. Following a fire that burnt down that building the sighting of her figure moved to the University church.

Gettysburg College

This one comes as no surprise to anyone who has invested any energy into paranormal research. Gettysburg is known as one of the most haunted places in the world due to the violent battle fought there during the Civil War. The college is no exception. Utilized as a hospital for wounded soldiers and a morgue during the battle, Pennsylvania Hall has a long history of strange activity. One of the most famous being the terrifying accounts of students and professors being taken to the bottom floor when attempting to ride the elevator to other levels.

The historic campus photographed from above. Appearing from left to right: College Union Building, Plank Gym, Master’s Hall, Science Center Complex. (Image credit: Smb51095 / Wikimedia Commons)

University of Alabama

As one of the only four surviving buildings that survived fires set by Union soldiers in 1865, The Little Round House is home to ghostly lore. Union soldiers were said to be lured into the house with promises of whiskey and warmth, where instead, they were killed by confederate soldiers. People say you can still hear the voices of soldiers coming from the house.

Wells College

The story of “Max” the security guard and the Main Building Red Door are popular topics of ghostly conversations at this institution. The Red Door was said to mark the morgue of students who were killed during a winter flu outbreak. The door was repainted following the outbreak, but the red color continued to seep through the new coats of paint. The building has since been remodeled, and the red door was removed in the process. Students still wander the building in search of the haunted space that was marked by a red door.

University of Northern Colorado

Famous for her presence in two of the university’s residence halls, Edith was said to be an odd student who was perpetually bullied during her time at UNC. One notable method of torture was the removal of all of her furniture from her room. She was known for playing marbles in the attic, and one year during a school break, Edith hung herself in that same attic. The students say they still hear marbles rolling and furniture being moved while they sleep.


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