Nostradamus 2018: What Predictions May Be Relevant for This Year?


Michel de Nostredame was born in France in 1503. Expelled from medical school at an early age, he would eventually find himself dabbling in horoscopes, necromancy and scrying. Later, he would write an almanac of astrological predictions for 1550. His predictions were regarded as greatly successful across Europe, with many princes and nobles competing with each other for access to his powers of foresight. Due to his success, he Latinized his name to Nostradamus, and wrote further almanacs, which would – in total – contain 6,338 prophecies.

As phenomenal as his almanacs were, they were not to his masterwork as a seer. In 1557, Nostradamus wrote Les Propheties. This book contained hundreds of quatrains, a poetic form of writing that uses a four-line structure. Each was claimed to foretell the future. For the most part they are not dated, and their meanings obscure. As Nostradamus feared that his works would inflame the Church and the Holy Inquisition, he wrote his predictions in an coded syntax that combined several languages together, including Greek, Italian, Latin, and the Provençal dialect.

Many at the time regarded Nostradamus as mad. But, this did not stop him being employed by the rich and powerful, including the cunning queen Catherine de Medici.

Nostradamus is said to have known exactly when he was going to die. It is remarked that in late June 1566, he had his lawyer finalize the transition of his assets to his wife and children upon the event of his death. On the first of July, he is reported to have told his secretary, “You will not find me alive at sunrise.” 1 The next day, Nostradamus was dead.

A controversial figure throughout his life and into the modern day, Nostradamus is credited with predicting the Great Fire of London in 1666, events in the World Wars of the 20th century, and violent attacks by extremists in our own times. However, many believe that Nostradamus is far from finished, and that his prophecies still hold predictions for our own times.

5 – Century 5, Quatrain 19

The great Royal one of gold, augmented by brass,

The agreement broken, war opened by a young man:

People afflicted because of a lamented chief,

The land will be covered with barbarian blood.

Those who believe in Nostradamus have interpreted this dramatic verse as a signal that future relations between the United States of America and North Korea will descend into bloody conflict.

Known for this love of gold, President Donald Trump is said to be the “great Royal one of gold” referred to in the first line. “Brass”, commonly used to reference senior staff in the military, could be seen as the US Army’s involvement.

Will 2018 witness a great war between the USA and North Korea?

The second line speaks of an agreement being broken, and war instigated by a young man. In his early thirties, leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, might very well be the one to violate the terms of the Korean Armistice Agreement. With tensions already heating between the USA, and North Korea – with frequent reports of nuclear testing by the latter – a future war is not out of the question. Indeed, already there are reports that hostile messages sent over Twitter by the American President have been interpreted as a declaration of war by North Korea. Considering themselves to be in a state of war, North Korea’s foreign minister stated in September that – under international law – they have the legal right to shoot down US military planes – even if they are not in North Korea’s airspace. 2

Could this be the fulfilment of Nostradamus’ prediction of a land “covered with barbarian blood”?

4 – Century 1, Quatrain 17

For forty years the rainbow will not be seen.

For forty years it will be seen every day.

The dry earth will grow more parched,

and there will be great floods when it is seen.

In this quatrain, Nostradamus is said to have foreseen an earth stripped of sustenance, gripped by a universal drought followed by “great floods”.

Terrifyingly, such a prediction may be relevant to the present day. As recent as 2012, the United States of America experienced a great drought which cost the economy 32.4 billion dollars. Such extreme drought had not been witnessed by the US since the 1930s. 3

Spain suffered three years of drought around the same time, which culminated in the opposite extreme in 2017. Flooding and unusual snow fall saw crops fail across Europe in this year. Salad items, courgettes and aubergines rocketed in price as the weather disrupted food production and led to shortages.4 The situation was so dire, that salad items, such as Iceberg lettuce, were being sold on eBay at exorbitant prices.5

In 2017 a shortage of fresh produce led to salad items selling for exorbitant prices on the auction website eBay.

If weather conditions continue to get worse, the extreme drought followed by extreme flooding referenced in this quatrain may be relevant to our times. With “forty years” possibly signifying the Biblical term for a generation, is it that we are now entering a period of extreme drought, in which a rainbow will be a rare sight?

3 – Century 5, Quatrain 25

The Arab Prince Mars, Sun, Venus, Leo,

The rule of the Church will succumb by sea:

Towards Persia very nearly a million men,

The true serpent will invade Byzantium and Egypt.

Is the “Arab Prince” referenced in this quatrain the current Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia? Indeed, the Crown Prince has recently been emboldened by his father through a series of promotions, including to the role of Defence Minister. Many regard him as the true power behind the throne.

With “Mars” being the God of War, could he be the one to trigger a full-blown regional war in the Middle East? Certainly, tensions are rising.

Mohammad bin Salman is the current Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and next in line to the throne. Will he be the one to trigger absolute war in the Middle East? (Image credit:

In the year 2017, Saudi Arabia blockaded Qatar in an act of diplomatic war, and is in a state of conflict with Lebanon. For the past three years the Kingdom has also been at war with Yemen. 6

Saudi Arabia has one of the highest percentages of military expenditure in the world. In 2017, the Kingdom entered into a $350 billion arms deal with the United States. This deal will see Saudi Arabia recieve tanks, combat ships, missile defence systems, advanced radar and communication and cyber technology. 7


Not only that, relations with their long-standing rival, Iran, are becoming increasingly strained. In November an Iranian missile was launched from Yemen by Iranian-funded terrorists. Although intercepted, it had been on course for the airport in Saudi Arabia’s capital. 8 In regards to the quatrain, Persia is the same geographical area as Iran. With a military comprising nearly 800,000 active and reserve personnel, the million men referenced by Nostradamus would not be out of the question, should Saudi Arabia need to enlist greater military forces in a time of absolute war.

2 – Century 1, Quatrain 46

Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande

a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights.

The cause will appear both stupefying and marvellous;

shortly afterwards there will be an earthquake.

Auch, Lectoure and Mirande are all located in South West France. And, it is these three locations that some believers in Nostradamus say a meteorite will soon hit.

When meteors enter the atmosphere, the incredible speed at which they are going causes the air in front of them to compress. When air is compressed the temperature rises, making the great chunk of space rock glow like the “great fire” referred in the Nostradamus’ second line. 9

There are indeed estimated to be at least three comets supposed to be travelling close to earth in 2018. If a piece of these comets were to break away, they could very well tumble through our atmosphere as meteorites. The result would either be a great explosion in the sky, or more dramatic, full impact with the earth.

Interestingly, two of these comets were first sighted in southern France over a hundred years ago. 10

Not only that, on the 16th of December 2017, an asteroid half the size of the one which killed the dinosaurs is due to pass “quite close” to Earth. The Minor Planet Center has classified the asteroid as “Potentially Hazardous”, due to its highly volatile orbit and closeness to the Sun. Indeed, no other named asteroid has passed closer to our solar system’s star. 11

The asteroid in question, 3200 Phaethon, could pose a risk to life on Earth. (Diagram produced by Sky & Telescope)

If debris from this asteroid, or any of the three comets due to brush past Earth in 2018, were to enter our atmosphere, it might very well result in a “great fire” in the sky, and cause the earthquake Nostradamus predicted.

1 – Century 3, Quatrain 44

When the animal domesticated by man,

After great pains and leaps will come to speak,

The lightning to the virgin will be very harmful,

Taken from earth and suspended in the air.

Many believe that this quatrain signifies that two great technological advancements may just be around the corner.

The first two lines could mean that mankind is close to learning how to speak with domesticated animals after arduous research. Such a claim does indeed seem relevant to our times. Denise Herzing, a marine biologist, is currently developing a wearable human-to-dolphin communication device at Georgia Tech.12

Marine biologist Denise Herzing and her revolutionary CHAT device. (Image credit: M Hoffman Kuhnt / The Wild Dolphin Project)

And, it is not only humans who are making the effort to perfect interspecies communication. Koko the gorilla can understand 2,000 verbal words, and can communicate over a thousand signs in sign language. 13

Fascinatingly, these scientific advances are being taken one step further with the conceptual idea of an interspecies internet. Much scientific research has found that lots of highly intelligent species of animals, such as dolphins, apes and elephants have self-awareness and do communicate with other members of their species. It is hoped that an interspecies internet would give all species a medium to communicate with one another – including human beings. This would connect nearly all living things on earth together. 14

According to the French seer, around this time a second – but dangerous – new technology will emerge. “Lightning […] suspended in the air” could indicate the dangers of wireless electricity. This technology is in fact slowly being deployed across the world. And, disturbingly, according to the International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, the effects of the electromagnetic radiation produced by wireless electricity on the human body is not fully understood. Are we the naive “virgins” dabbling with new, “harmful” technology, foreseen by Nostradamus? 15

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