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Cryptids & Monsters

Y Ddraig Goch: The Legend of the Welsh Dragon

July 28, 2019 Erik

Dragons once allegedly plagued the entire country of Wales. For centuries these incredible creatures have formed a central part of Welsh folklore and have even become the symbol of the nation. After all, according to […]

Cryptids & Monsters

The Dragons of St. Leonard’s Forest

May 11, 2019 Laura

“The dragon, the greatest of all serpents, is the devil, the king of all evil. […] it deals death with its poisonous breath and blow of its tail” This description was written in the 12th […]

Spirits, Ghosts & Hauntings

Spooky Halloween “Portal” Caught on CCTV

October 31, 2018 Laura

This video was sent to us by a subscriber to our YouTube channel. They claim that their footage shows a paranormal occurrence. Rose and her mother live in the town of Wallasey in the UK. […]