UFO Fleet Allegedly Sighted Over Train Station in the UK

UFO Fleet Allegedly Sighted Over Train Station in the UK
A screenshot of the strange footage captured in February 2018 over Preston train station.

The following footage was filmed in early February 2018 by Craig Megson, a warehouse worker from Barnoldswick in the UK. His video appears to show a formation of unidentified flying objects cross the night sky.

Megson was changing trains at Preston train station, in Lancashire, England, on his way home after a day out with his six-year-old son. According to his testimony, it was around six-thirty in the evening when he noticed a series of lights in the sky.1

At first he thought the objects were planes. Yet, with “no flashing lights” or sound, he soon dismissed his initial assumption. Then, when more lights appeared, also moving in silent, steady formation, he knew he was witnessing something extraordinary.2

“I saw these lights move silently across the sky and then more came along. So I got my phone out and started filming.”3

The peculiar objects quickly drew a crowd of at least twenty people, all with their eyes turned to the sky. Like Megson, they could not explain what they were seeing. In a later interview with the Lancashire Post, Megson describes speaking with his fellow spectators.4

“I asked the man next to me what he thought they could be and he simply said, “They’re not planes mate, that’s for sure.””

One explanation that has been proposed is that the mysterious lights were simply Chinese lanterns. However, Megson has stated that the weather conditions that evening were windy. 5 It is highly unlikely that a group of paper lanterns could have moved in such a steady, evenly spaced formation, under such windy conditions. Not only that, Chinese lanterns are highly regulated in the United Kingdom: local authorities must be notified, and lanterns are not permitted in wind speeds of 5 miles per hour or higher. 6

For Craig Megson, the footage is “compelling” proof that we are not alone in the universe, validating his belief that UFOs of alien origin have been spotted in the skies above his home county of Lancashire for decades. 7Whilst it is impossible to conclude that these objects are extraterrestrial, there are unidentified.


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