Witness Testimony: “I Swear on the Bible That These Events Did Occur. I Was Abducted by Aliens.”


Alien abductions are among the most frightening reports of the paranormal.

The following terrifying eyewitness account comes from someone who reached out to us, wishing to share their experience. At the age of twelve, the eyewitness reports experiencing a series of increasingly bizarre phenomena, which culminated in the realisation that they had been repeatedly abducted by aliens.

Editor’s note: The following account has been edited for grammatical mistakes and increased clarity of information. The edited version was sent to the eyewitness for confirmation before publication. 

“I swear on the Bible that these events did occur. I was abducted by aliens.”

For much of my childhood I lived with my great grandparents on their farm in Beeville, South Texas. The year was 1972. I was twelve years old and my younger brother was ten.

My brother and I slept in the middle of the house on single beds. Our bedroom window faced east, overlooking the thirteen acres of field that my grandfather used to grow feed for his animals. It was Spring and the field had just been turned, furrowed and seeded.

On that particular night, my brother and I went to bed around 9pm. However, neither of us could sleep. Before bedtime, we had both seen some strange objects flying through the sky. We had been with adults at the time, including my uncle, who was a Major in SAC (Strategic Air Command).

One of the objects had looked like a ball of burning fire. My uncle reported it to the police department, who told him the Weather Bureau claimed it was a meteor burning up upon entering the atmosphere. However, the fiery sphere had travelled from east to west, across the horizon.


Around that time we had also been getting a lot of jets from the nearby airfield flying low over our farm. In hindsight, my time in the military has made me realize that the jets may have been flying low to avoid the radar. At the time, my uncle had pointed out one particular aircraft that he didn’t recognize. As he was a rated Officer in the USAF, and would have been familiar with all known types of military aircraft, he was confused. This too he phoned in, not as an alien ship or anything like that, but as an aircraft he couldn’t identify. The airforce base scrambled two jets that broke the sound barrier to get to our area, but the craft had already disappeared.

As bizarre as it had been, strange objects in the sky were only the start of my brother and I’s encounter.

One evening, while watching T.V. with one of my relatives who had seen the fireball, there was a loud stomping on the roof. The footsteps ran from the back to the front porch, along the main beam of the house. It sounded like a giant. Startled, my older relative grabbed my grandfather’s lever action rifle and told us to stay in the house. He went outside. When he came back, he told us that there was no one there.

It was after he went back to his marine base that I started having the dreams. I dreamt about doctors with masks on doing something to my teeth. I also began sleepwalking. My grandmother, who would rise before dawn, would find me standing in the hallway that connected her room to ours.

One day I asked my brother if he had any reoccurring dreams about doctors. He told me he did – every night. We promised each other that the next time it happened we would both try to shout so we would wake up to see if the dreams were real.

It was evening and my brother and I had just got into bed. My grandparents were on the back porch just behind our bedroom: my grandmother in her chair and footstool, and my grandfather in his rocking chair. Just before we fell asleep, I noticed that there was a set of car headlights going down the road at the far end of the field, toward the house where my aunt, uncle, and four cousins lived. It was very dark, so all we could see were the headlights and what they illuminated. I thought the driver might have been drunk, since the vehicle’s high beams were on.

When you live in the country, you learn all about those who live around you. What kind of car they drive, what time they leave and come home. Who belongs there, and who doesn’t. You have to, because there is only a sheriff and deputies to call, and they are 10 miles away. Strangers mean trouble. They could steal your farm equipment, your animals (yes rustlers still exist), or break into your home. The rule of the country is to keep an eye out for your neighbor – in the hope that they will return the favour.

My brother and I watched the headlights go towards my uncle’s house. Usually his dogs would come out barking, but this time they were silent. I guessed maybe they were inside the house. As we watched, the headlights stopped. It looked like the vehicle was trying to turn around, and go back the other way down the road. It was then that my heart skipped a little: I sensed someone watching us. Like they knew we were watching them out of the window. The lights stopped and turned our way. I joked to my brother that it looked like the drunk was going to run into our barbed wire fence and get stuck in the drainage ditch. Regardless, the lights kept coming towards the house. The idiot was now coming across the field. He must be really drunk, I told my brother, and would probably have to pay my grandfather for the fence he had destroyed. The field was furrowed, but the headlights stayed level and slowly approached the house directly toward the window my brother and I were watching from.

I wondered where our dogs were, as they should have been barking.

There were two more fences between the vehicle and our house. I doubted the driver would go through them both. The headlights reached the first fence and stopped. He’s done, I told my brother. Then, to our horror, the lights began to raise up off the ground and passed over the top of the fence. We saw this very clearly as the lights were now approximately 100 yards away. We shouted at the same time: “MONSTER!”

Terrified, we called to our grandparents. By now the vehicle was making a churning noise, like industrial motors running. It was so loud that my brother and I were shouting at the top of our lungs and could barely hear ourselves. We fled the room, and hid under the kitchen table. There was still no response from our grandparents.


The door leading from the kitchen outside to the back porch was wide open. The effort it took me to leave the hiding place, go over to the door, close and lock it – with who knows what watching from the other side – was tremendous. We weren’t safe.

I got my brother to stop screaming, telling him if we weren’t quiet the monsters would surely find us. I prayed to God to send an angel to save us. I closed my eyes, put my fingers in my ears and waited to see if we would be found. My brother looked like he had gone into shock.

Eventually the sound went away, gradually getting more distant. I wept with gratitude that we had been spared.

I heard my grandparents, talking from the porch. My grandmother asked my grandfather if he had closed the door. I crawled out from under the kitchen table and went out to where they were sitting. Why hadn’t they come inside the house? Had they not heard my brother and I screaming for them? Had they not heard the machine?

My grandmother looked clueless. Using my full name, she asked me what I was going on about. Switching tactics, I told my grandfather that I had seen someone drive off the road and break through our fence. He went outside and then came back saying there was no one there and the fence was fine.

I was shocked – it just couldn’t be.

I went back into the kitchen to get my brother to help me convince our grandparents of what had happened, but he was asleep under the kitchen table. I helped him back into his bed. Exhausted, I fell asleep in my own immediately.


The next day when I was alone with my brother I asked him to come with me to tell our grandparents what had happened. My brother acted as if he didn’t understand. When I related the events to him he said he didn’t remember any such thing and that I was talking crazy. But, I wasn’t crazy – I know what had happened last night. Why was I the only one to remember it?

A month later while I was walking up the road to visit my cousins I once again got the feeling of being watched. I knew exactly where to look this time to see what was watching me. It was above me on my right. In the movie Starman the spaceship was a large reflective sphere: that was what I was looking at right above my grandfather’s field. At first I thought it was a planet, because the reflection of the ground below it on the reflective surface. Then I understood it was something not of this world. It hung without noise above the field. I stood there on the road, staring at it. Then I got angry. I shouted at it: “Okay, you got me! Now what?” The sphere just gradually vanished into a cloud bank, and disappeared. I did not mention the second event to anyone, because after the reaction of my own family from the first, there was no point. No one would believe me.

I know how it sounds. I know this is unbelievable. But, I swear on the Bible that these events did occur, and that I relay them to you in complete truth as far as my memory allows. I was abducted by aliens.

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