Are These UFOs? Strange Lights Over China Captured on Camera in Mass Sighting

Are These UFOs? Strange Lights Over China Captured on Camera in Mass Sighting
A still image of the lights from one of many videos taken during the mass sighting in July 2018.

In July 2018 a multitude of people came forward claiming to have sighted UFOs after several strange lights were seen flashing over the sky of Chongqing, China.

Beginning at around eight o’clock in the evening on 18th July 2018, Chongqing residents took to Chinese social media platforms to share their reports and videos of orange-red lights moving in a linear motion across the sky. 1

The balls of light appeared to have an eerie yellow halo around them, visible for a few seconds before disappearing. In most of the videos the orbs move soundlessly across the sky. In one piece of footage a loud, low, droning noise can be heard.

Panicked, some local residents feared that aliens were visiting China. Some web users even claimed to have seen the same mysterious pattern appearing above other cities, including Shanghai. 2

Various attempts have been made to explain the sightings. Some have speculated that the lights were caused by a military training exercise, and may have been the result of decoy flares being released, with the aircraft itself concealed by nighttime cloud cover. 3 Others have suggested that the orange-red lights were a visual anomaly, possibly a misidentification of Mars.


Nigel Watson, a leading British UFO expert and author, suggested that the footage could be “a rocket zooming into the atmosphere”, with the pulses of light being blasts from its engines.4

Certainly there has been a lot of speculation as to the cause of the eerie lights. However, with the Chinese authorities yet to comment on the matter, they are yet to be fully explained.


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