Ghost Attack Caught on CCTV in Indonesia
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“Ghost Attack” Caught on CCTV in Indonesia

October 31, 2018 Laura

The following story and accompanying footage was sent to us by a subscriber to our YouTube channel. They claim that their video shows a shocking paranormal occurrence. In April 2018, a security guard working at […]

Spirits, Ghosts & Hauntings

5 Houses Haunted by Destructive Poltergeists

November 24, 2017 Erik

What makes places haunted by poltergeists? Is it the people who live there? Or, is it the very walls which have been imbued with a profound tragedy? These five houses may hold a clue to […]

Spirits, Ghosts & Hauntings

5 Ghost Attacks That Proved Deadly

November 7, 2016 Laura

Ghost attacks do not usually result in death. However, there are cases that allege some paranormal entities can kill. 5 – Nigerian Brothel Poltergeist On September the 28th 2016, a popular brothel in Umuahia, Nigeria […]