“Ghost Attack” Caught on CCTV in Indonesia

Ghost Attack Caught on CCTV in Indonesia

The following story and accompanying footage was sent to us by a subscriber to our YouTube channel. They claim that their video shows a shocking paranormal occurrence.

In April 2018, a security guard working at an apartment complex in Indonesia suddenly collapsed on duty. He had been supervising movers lifting a sofa, which was too big for the elevator, up the emergency staircase at the time. Other security guards rushed to aid the man, and carried him to the nearby security office. Sadly, not long after being moved there, he passed away. His colleagues had to transport the body to the hospital in a taxi, where he was pronounced dead.

Three days after his passing, another security guard was working the graveyard shift in the same area, near to the office where the man had died. The events of that night were caught on CCTV, and were later filmed on a cell phone by staff at the apartment complex.

At first the security guard can be seen walking back and forth, inspecting the area, after hearing strange noises coming from somewhere in the garage. Supposedly, the sounds the guard heard were similar to those of a clucking chicken.

Upon exiting the office, the video appears to show the guard being yanked by an unseen force. The collar of his shirt is visibly pulled back, causing him to be dragged into the office. Terrified, the security guard ran away.

A photograph of the apartment complex’s garage where the inexplicable incident occurred.

What caused the man’s shirt to be pulled backwards?


If this case was not spooky enough, according to an Indonesian legend, hearing chicken noises at night is a sign of the Kuntilanak, a variant of the chilling Pontianak, a vampiric ghost which is said to lure unsuspecting men to their demise…


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