Spooky Halloween “Portal” Caught on CCTV


This video was sent to us by a subscriber to our YouTube channel. They claim that their footage shows a paranormal occurrence.

Rose and her mother live in the town of Wallasey in the UK. According to Rose’s testimony, on Halloween 2017 they started to experience strange things in their home. Rose’s mother claimed that she could hear her name being called, despite it being just the two of them in the house. Rose herself claims to have witnessed a cupboard door open, seemingly by itself, and food fall out onto the floor. The back door is also said to have opened, despite the weather being calm. When they heard a knock on their front door and went to answer it, no one was there.

Clearly, something peculiar was happening in their household that night. Despite searching for an answer, expecting to find that their cat had knocked things over, Rose and her mother could find nothing out of the ordinary. The pair sat in the house with the lights off for some time, waiting to see if anything else would happen.

Unnerved, Rose’s mother, who describes herself as a witch, decided to perform a ritual, which she hoped would bring peace to any lost souls in their house. She explained to her daughter that she had opened a portal to help them cross over, afterwards requesting the help of her spirit guide to close it.

Later, when her mother checked the camera system in their home, she was surprised to find an anomaly on the camera. Thinking at first that it was a computer glitch of some sort, her opinion changed when she realised the anomaly occurred around the time that she did her ritual, in the early hours of the 1st of November.

The video appears to show an oval-shaped anomaly shimmering on the wall. It stays there for some time before disappearing suddenly.

All lights were off in the house at the time, and Rose and her mother could not think what the shape might have been.

Since that time, Rose has been left wondering what happened that Halloween night. Rose has stated that her mother and herself are not very tech-savvy, and that CGI is well-beyond the reach of their abilities. Wishing to remain anonymous, she simply asks that if anyone has an explanation for the footage, they share their thoughts, so that she and her mother can have some peace.

Does this video show the portal which Rose’s mother opened closing?


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